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Consumer Debt

Sued by credit card company? Sued for other debt or loan? Wages garnished? Bank account frozen?

We provide free legal advice and help with drafting court forms so you can fight the debt. Program assists with court cases or judgments related to credit card debt, medical debt, student loans, car loans, lines of credit, and charge accounts. 

Free Legal Clinics For Low-Income Clients!
(Drop-in clinics, no appointments necessary)

Monday, August 19
Monday, September 16
Monday, October 21
Monday, November 18
Monday, December 16

Mundy Branch Library
1204 S Geddes St, Syracuse - Map
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Please bring any court documents or other documents you’ve received about the debt or lawsuit, in addition to a photo ID.

Questions? Please call 315-471-3409 or email debt@vlpcny.org.


How Do I Know If There's a Judgment Against Me?
What Is Charity Care?
Is Anything Protected From Debt Collectors?
I Received a Garnishment Notice - What Next?
What If I Can't Pay Medical Bills?
Answering a Lawsuit
Know Your Rights with Surprise Medical Bills
What to Know About Money Judgments

*If you need an ASL interpreter or an interpreter for any other language, you can email or call the program ahead of time so that we can schedule in in-person interpreter. We also always have telephone-based language interpretation available at all of our programs anytime.